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What Is The Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Accelerator Network All About? The Network is about becoming the global social networking site for entrepreneurs creating a small business.

  • It’s about Main Street Every Town, Earth.
  • It’s about nurturing that entrepreneurial spark of genius. It’s about the men and women across the globe that vision, create & operate a business.
  • It’s about innovative hi growth, technology oriented scalable venture backed startups.
  • It’s about social entrepreneurs that seek to develop innovative solutions to global problems.
  • It’s about those who create a long-term, sustainable, viable business in a field where they have a passion, talent, knowledge or high degree of expertise.

The Network is about any of these entrepreneurs who want to connect online to each other, to resources and to education and training.  We conduct all of these connections on every site of the ECO Network. Nothing ventured, nothing gained Join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs FREE!