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Mission, Vision, Values At The Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Accelerator Network: We are a global social networking site for entrepreneurs creating a small business.

The Mission of the ECO Accelerator Network:

is to become the global social networking site for entrepreneurs creating a small business.

Our Vision:

Our vision is that we will provide a platform, community of support, networking,  resources, education and training for entrepreneurs creating a small business.  We want to help create successful businesses one Main Street at a time.

Our Values:

We uphold the following values in all of our efforts:


  • Give and expect a basic level of common courtesy and civility;
  • Respect the opinions of others;
  • Accept fellow entrepreneurs regardless of race, gender, political, religious and socio-economic position;



  • Represent ourselves and the ECO network with our best efforts;
  • Take roles within ECO seriously, including on each of the Power Teams;
  • Strive for the success of teammates as well as ourselves;
  • Invest time, energy and resources in those who are willing to invest the same;
  • Develop meaningful business relationships with others in ECO;

Life Long Learning:


  • Be “coachable”;
  • Recognise that we can learn from everyone around us;
  • Recognise that ECO is a safe zone for experimentation;
  • Be willing to make mistakes and accept others’ mistakes as part of the entrepreneurial process;

We build our entrepreneurial community holding these values as our guide. These values are not negotiable in the ECO Community by owners, employees or members. By keeping high standards, ECO becomes a place of trust and growth. The Network is about any of these entrepreneurs who want to connect online to each other, to resources and to education and training.  We conduct all of these connections on every site of the ECO Network. Nothing ventured, nothing gained Join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs FREE!