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How Does The Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Accelerator Network Function?


How Does The Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Accelerator Network Function? This growing social networking site for entrepreneurs creating a small business works in the following ways:


Now Imagine The Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Accelerator Main Street!

  • In the upper floors of each building on our Main Streets, you will find hi tech startups pitching to investors.
  • Street level are offices and stores run by entrepreneurs offering many different products and services.
  • Basement level are research and development labs for our inventors building prototypes.


These entrepreneurs are:

  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Lifestyle entrepreneurs

And all of these entrepreneurs seek out:

  • connections to advisors, strategic partners, vendors and customers
  • resources
  • education and training

On the ECO Accelerator Main Street:

  • Every member provides those valuable connections to other members by using our video conferencing center
  • or by¬†using our internal social network
  • however, please join and make formal connections as an ECO Connectpreneur


  • Every member can add to the growing Resource Center and Reference Library
  • And every member can offer some type of education to others.
  • however, please join and offer former education and training as an ECO Advisors
  • If you ever want to amplify your online marketing please join the Power Teams
  • dont have an online marketing plan? no worries, we will even help you with that!
  • And finally, we have a grand Marketplace where every member can offer their products and services
  • and where every other member and site visitor can buy them!