Meet Entrepreneur Of The Week: Howard Green, MD Of Skinphototextmatch, Inc.

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Our Story of how we built the worlds only gamified mobile collective sourced medical search apps for photo identification is a good one.

I attended a dermatology board review course. At the course, I sat in a conference room with other Dermatologists. We were given a clicker or transponder and asked to simply vote to identify images of skin as they appeared on the screen in front of the room. The course demonstrated that when you put a group of dermatology professionals in a room, the majority always identifies the photo correctly. Our idea was to extend the meeting and identification of skin photos with dermatology professionals beyond the geographic restrictions of a regional conference and enable all the dermatology professionals of the world to participate and compete for prizes via the world wide web.

This is how Skinphototextmatch, Inc was born, and served as the logic for the worlds first gamified mobile collective sourced search apps for skin photo identification, education and more!

We built Skinstamatic on top of our gamified Dermgrandrounds and wikiSkinAtlas apps. Our three apps interact to give dermatology professionals via our Dermgrandrounds app a chance to learn and demonstrate their knowledge and acumen with a rewarding online game. In addition, our Skinstamatic app enables lay users to have a skin photo identified by our Dermgrandrounds professionals and facilitates appointments with dermatologists. Our wikiSkinAtlas is a real time dermatologic textbook which receives the identified photots from skinstamatic and dermgrandrounds and has content written exclusively by the members of our dermgrandrounds board of professional advisers consisting of dermatologists, dermatology residents and dermatology physician extenders.

We have been successful in building our 3 interactive iOS and web apps. We are now raising a second round of funds in order to market the apps, improve the user interface and build our revenue functions.

Our financials projections are sound and realistic, our development road-map is planned and our whiteboard wraps twice around the room.

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